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Vegan / maple syrup option is now available! Made with your children under 12 months in mind we've released the honey-free version of our Supercharged Elderberry® Syrup. The Infant Recipe is clean, simple, and as healing as it gets, with none of the preservatives or additives many others have. Supercharged with a blend of echinacea, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and maple syrup giving it a sweet and delicious taste.

Vegan Supercharged Elderberry® Syrup Infant Recipe

  • 100% maple syrup, dried sambucus nigra elderberries, clove, ginger root, cinnamon & echinacea.

  • Please note that the packaging for the product(s) you receive may differ from the product pictures on the website as we are transitioning into our new designs.

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